Non GMOhm!

The corn fish in the bhav.

cheering, taking pictures, and dishing out encouragement from Ocean Beach to Joshua Tree. We handed out samples of Doctor Bronner Magic Soaps one of the, largest donors/sponsors of Prop 37, which people sure donated by OB People’s, our local Co-op … Read the rest of this entry

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A Happier Meal

Happier Meal

Jeffery Smith scientific investigator, author and champion of nonGMOs spoke yesterday at the Encinitas Community Center. His ongoing extensive scientific investigations are quite revealing about GMOs. One genetically modified corn strain has a Bt toxin which produces a pesticide. It … Read the rest of this entry

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Hemp vs. Marijuana


Hemp cannot make you high. So, what is the actual difference? Both hemp and marijuana are species of cannabis and both contain cannabinoids, a naturally occurring substance that regulates brain function.

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99 Novas, 99 Days


You know, the squatting kick kind. The guy next to me breaks out in what I later learn is Frevo, a Brazilian dance, similar to the squat kicking, but of course with more hips involved, and usually done with an … Read the rest of this entry

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Life and Hope


We have watched a new building go from foundation to completion.  It will serve as a skill building workshop for young woman, new seamstresses. A place for growth and opportunity as young woman gain access to life skills.

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In December 2009 I left California for South East Asia. The initial plan was to grow hemp with small scale farmers in Cambodia.  Demanding hemp as an rotational crop could bring a supplementary income to farmers and with hemp we required that no toxic chemical inputs be added, as Cambodia’s agriculture is drenched in pesticides.

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