Taco Tuesday BUENO-fied

We love Mexican food in SoCal. Especially, the taco shops that stay open late serving hot, cheap and scrumptious food. Many people are also becoming concerned with how much Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) have taken over our food supply.

BUENO-fied is a campaign to organize eaters to show up to a “Taco Tuesday” at a Taco Shop that switches to GMO Free Corn, Canola Oil, and Soy.

The Plan

‘Put your money where your mouth is’

First, we approach a restaurant/taco-shop/taco-cart to serve food that is free of gmo corn, soy and canola.

Second, we set a date and minimum amount of BUENO-fied tacos to collectively pre-purchase for the launch event.

Third, we have a BUENO-fied Taco Tuesday (or any day of the week set) and mob down to the shop to grub on scrumptious tacos.

chorizo taco from taco cart

Project BUENO-fied

Project BUENO-fied would like to serve as a peer verification system. Which means that a restaurant, taco-shop/cart pledges to serve foods that are free from GMO corn, canola and soy.

We may have to just start with corn tortillas, even if we have to get them made ourselves. Corn is the largest GMO crop in the USA and hides in various ingredients in most processed food. Corn has been modified to produce it’s own pesticide. All these factors and more make corn a great candidate for BUENO-fication.

One of our aims is to get BUENO-fied Mexican food 24/7 or whatever hours they serve, where a seller can proudly display their project BUENO-fied certification/sticker and be featured on our website and social media.

By serving up nonGMO food they get a flood of business

and good faith for return business. Our vision is open up BUENO-fied events so that people feel empowered to have a project BUENO-fied taco shop at their favorite place.

We hope that BUENO-fied can be a lighthearted way to put into action our concern about GMOs and spread awareness to the broader community.

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