Life and Hope

Joining in chant with the monks, these young women bow their heads, hands together in front of their faces, part and one of the growing Life and Hope Association.

This occasion brought a new beginning and a continuation of a lot of hard work, by many individuals working together.

The next class of woman are welcomed in by the director who is also a monk, they show respect during blessing.

We have watched a new building go from foundation to completion.  It will serve as a skill building workshop for young woman, new seamstresses. A place for growth and opportunity as young woman gain access to life skills.

The ribbon now cut, marks the opening of a new sewing training center, and the welcoming of a new class of young women.

The Life and Hope Association runs programs directed to provide educational and development opportunities to under-served populations in Cambodia.

The program director with the teachers and graduates bringing the new building, the class, during the Khmer New Year.

The programs are staffed and managed by monks and other talented woman who have realized an environment to train young woman life and vocational skills.

Here at the Hotel de la Paix/LHA Sewing School young woman are trained in an experiential learning environment. Living in community over the course of at least 10-months they will learn valuable life skills, Buddhist philosophy, social awareness, Khmer culture, language (Khmer and English) and business skills while mastering over 50 different sewing skills.

The new workshop inspires quality with a modern simplistic design. It is a far cry from horror stories I have heard about other factory work conditions in other places in Cambodia.

Upon completion of the course and when they are comfortable with their new skills, the woman are provided micro-loans to upgrade their seamstress equipment they receive upon graduation, and encouraged to return to their home towns to help support their families, and even create garments for school uniforms to help send the next generation of kids to school.

Attention to design of the workshop inspires potential.


The incoming class getting acquainted in the new workshop.

We are thankful to connect with and support the work of Life and Hope, to be supporting a model of education and opportunity by working with these seamstresses.

Cambodia is writhe with issues, and therefore ripe with opportunity for solutions. There are many organizations working to build capacity and meet challenges as opportunities.  A glimpse into the workings of Hotel de la Paix/LHA Sewing School, showed us their competence and conviction in their work to promote prosperity, and give hope to life.

Ribbon cutting of the new Life and Hope Association’s Sewing Training Center

Our current products we have developed with these new seamstresses are a few number of shorts and belts out of 100% hemp fabric, grown by the Hmong Hill tribes of the South East Asian mountain ranges.

During the work together, we were happy to be supporting seamstresses whose work results in a bit more than cash in hand.  It is our hope with the value added (or values added) sown in our seams, we can be part of a positive butterfly effect, and perhaps encourage more nurturing working environments.

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