Non GMOhm!

We had the pleasure of being part of Bhakti Fest from September 6-9th in Joshua Tree California and representing the San Diego chapter of the Label GMOs group. Driving the the “cornfish” car…we felt a lot of good energy as people shined their smiles,

The corn fish in the bhav.

cheering, taking pictures, and dishing out encouragement from Ocean Beach to Joshua Tree.

Our booth at Bhakti Fest was stocked with informational materials about Prop 37 for November 6th in California to have a label on foods with Genetically Modified ingredients, we had a list of the organic companies supporting the No on Prop 37.

Mandala biting into a ripe heirloom tomato – JR Organics

We handed out samples of Doctor Bronner Magic Soaps one of the, largest donors/sponsors of Prop 37, which people sure

appreciated after the hot sandy days in the desert; the collective smell of the festival was surely benefited. Re3-Generation displayed our fine nonGMO hemp textiles.

We popped organic nonGMO popcorn

Keeping it clean with Doctor Bronners Magic–plant derived, 18 uses in 1–soap, best for your skin and earth. A model fair trade, organic and GMO FREE business.

donated by OB People’s, our local Co-op in San Diego, seasoned with sea salt and most importantly whole kernel coconut oil donated by Dr. Bronner–very tasty.

Bhakti Fest is a mind-body-spirit unity event. Thousands of people converge to chant mantras, meditate, experience healing and attunement through sound, breath, kirtan and yoga workshops for a four day high vibe event.

NonGMO corn Donated by OB People’s Co-op…dry popped with Dr. Bronner fair trade cold pressed coconut oil, and a bit of sea salt to make it pop a bit more.

We are thankful for the invite, the organizers, the conscious vendors, the artists, volunteers and all the other work in making the festival fun and a heartfelt experience.

People connected with the light hearted messaging behind our booth and took seriously the risks of genetic modifications to plants and animals in our food supply.

Altering the natural structures of DNA leads to another organism that is out of sync with natural design.  Many people we spoke with find this genetic manipulation of consequence to their spiritual persuit.  DNA, out of sync, can lead to many levels of dysfunction.

Coming from a place of compassion, rather than fear, to share our concern of GMOs was a powerful experience and spiritually fulfilling for us as volunteers.

If you care to join together, let’s end this post with a nonGMOOOOHMMMM!

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