Welcome to the Re3-Generation Private Product Preview.

These products are produced in Thailand.  The Hemp fabric is 100% hemp grown by the Hmong Hill Tribespeople.

The Hmong are independent indigenous folk of the South China, and South East Asian Mountainous Region.  Blue and White Hmong has traditionally used hemp as a garment textile.  We have been working with a company that has earned their trust and partnership in dying and producing quality fabric.  They also sponsor hemp education, where the elders of the tribe come into the day school to instruct hands on learning with the hemp process, and the traditional ways of using hemp.

These products are stock inventory, show some of the quality and options.  Fabric styles are unique and limited in quantity.  So, we always have new fabrics, leading to different looks and possibilities.

Lead times will vary, and prices will too, depending on the amount of hemp and natural dye required for a product as well as order size.