99 Novas, 99 Days

What a combo: In Bangkok, at a Reggae Festival, with Balkan spirited music.

Couldn’t help but let your hair down and let the music dance you. As the tempo speeds up imitations of Russian folk dancing emerge.

La Caravane Passe – Fine showmen and musicians

You know, the squatting kick kind.

The guy next to me breaks out in what I later learn is Frevo, a Brazilian dance, similar to the squat kicking, but of course with more hips involved, and usually done with an umbrella.

He is Lucas Novas, from Brazil, traveling the world for 99 Days finding 99 blog worthy experiences.

Lucas as a canvas for blacklight body painting in Bangkok.

Novas had won a blog writing contest and sent off on a journey blogging @ 99 Novas en 99 Dias.  His mission is to find the emerging trends, thought patterns and write about a new thing he encounters each day while visiting a number of countries.

Lucas was floored to meet Eny, a fellow Brazilera and naturally was curious to what brought her to South East Asia. “Well we are starting a business focusing on hemp.”

Lucas looked at her in confusion.

“You know, ‘Maconha’.” In Portuguese it is means, marijuana.

From confusion to dismissive, Lucas’s frown was hardened. Quickly, Eny interrupted his facial tone “the material, Maconha industrial.”

As my Portuguese translations skills failed to keep up with the following conversation, I could see Lucas’s expression go back to interested, and positive.

See, there isn’t really a knowledge in much of the world of hemp, although, many people have their opinions on marijuana, they don’t understand, that there is much more to the plant, and that when grown differently, for different purposes, it can be quite useful and not just about the mind expanding affects.

We face this everyday, when we tell people about hemp.  Although, we do meet people that are well aware of the industrial usages of hemp.

History shows this confusion is not a coincidence, but, a marketing technique implemented in the USA during the 1930s, and spread globally, you can read more about it in a future post here.

After taking some time to understand the differences, and our aspirations as a project, Lucas was quite enthusiastically after a story of hemp for one the 99 experiences in his round the world journey.  Happy to meet a fellow Braziliera out on an ad/venture, and with a goal of more than money, he was happy to write a little feature about us, Re3-Generation in his blog.  If you read Portuguese, or not, you can find his article on his blog.

Thanks Lucas for the enthusiastic interest and support.

Hope you enjoy those limited edition 100% Hmong Hilltribe Hemp Re3-Generation trousers.

Ola Brazil, nos vemos em breve!

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