Hemp in terms of the Re3s…


Producers: From farmers to factory workers, small-scale businesses to big industry, hemp goes all the way down the production chain.  Farmers can organically grow a rotational crop to supply small scale businesses with strong material to make unique clothes, bags, shoes etc… Giant companies source hemp and employ workforces to make fabrics, geo-composites(like the stuff to make jets, and space-ships), woods, papers, plastics, concrete, oils, paints, that are beneficial to use, and not harmful to dispose.

Products: A hemp product is not only about being eco. Its efficiency increases the real value of a good.  Hemp grows fast, and can adapt to grow in most countries of the world with little to no chemicals and in great abundance.  The price of a product should not be about just the money not spent, but how much it doesn’t cost us, with our health, and the health of future generations.

You and me: We buy, we consume and collectively our decisions shape the outcomes that industry has on the “economy,” which is made up of people and the planet. When we decide our collective good is of value, where supply chains can break chains of slavery, where the land and water is made healthy for life, we help change what it means to be profitable.

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Life and Hope Our work with seamstresses trained through Life and Hope in Siem Reap, Cambodia.