Hemp in terms of the Re3s…


Nourishing: In four months hemp produces a very nutritious nut.  The shell is full of fiber, the meat is packed with protein and essential fatty acids, meaning it is good for the heart, the brain, and the whole body.

Clothing: For style and function, the fabric can last long.  It has a natural UV protection for that strong sun. The porous fiber breathes well, and has anti-microbial properties that don’t promote bad odors.  Recent improvements have made hemp fabric finer and more versatile than ever before, as you do loose some strength, at least hemp is not limited to burlap sacks!

Growing: This plant can grow 3-4 meters in three months!  As one of nature’s strongest fibers it is very useful in products that require endurance as well as in products that will be tossed after a short period. From papers to plastics, woods to concrete, hemp can help grow our resource bases and help supplement the use of other resources that have greater negative impacts on our health and environment, and or are becoming more expensive and less available (ie. oil, trees, time).

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