Hemp in terms of the Re3s…


Health: Freedom to grow hemp, is freedom to choose to grow without chemicals and freedom to produce healthier crops and healthier incomes.  Farmers at the base of production are the caretakers of our land and food. Healthier farms with happy farmers means a healthier people, healthier people, well, it’s a good start for a healthier planet.

Land: Hemp’s deep roots are known to take heavy metal contaminants from the soil; it has even been grown in Ukraine to help pull radiation out of Chernobyl’s surrounding farmland! Japan next? These deep roots can also bring nutrients down into the soil, where tired soil can become more suitable for other crops.

Diversity: You ever pass by farms and see endless rows of the same plant? As many farmers have turned to producing single crops, the same nutrients in the soil are used up. It’s like bringing cookie monster in a cafe bakery, he would eat all the cookies. There would be no flour left for the bread.  Although a bit different, this kind of practice in farming makes farmland depend more on chemical inputs.  Adding another crop, like hemp, in rotation is one of the most significant and first steps many farmers could do to shift towards restoration of the land and overall long term viability. It would be like Popeye stepping in line at the cafe to order spinach on his sandwich, followed by Bugs Bunny who wants extra carrots. Planting other crops can vary nutrients used, limit pests that feed on particular crops, and ultimately require less and less chemicals in our carrots, spinach, and, yes, cookies too.